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Since I was dragged to a scuba class by friends back in 1990 diving has been my passion. At first I was just amazed and so drawn to the water that at the end of every trip I was planning the next one. That grew into a desire to share that passion and total experience of diving. After becoming an instructor I now not only experience the joy of diving, but the joy of sharing.

Soon I realized that I could have a broader influence by helping others make an avocation or, even better, a career of diving. With that new goal in mind, I sought out the highest level of recognition in the diving educational realm, PADI Course Director. Now I travel the world doing Instructor Development Classes and other Instructor level training. In doing this, I am helping others find a career or avocation in the freedom of the wondrous underwater world.

I chose PADI because as an organization, they set the Gold Standard for safety and training in the diving world. I believe they have the best curriculum and the best training materials available which makes my job easier training you. It will definitely make your job easier training the new diver and the diver pursuing continuing education.

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